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The N-terminal domain of MYO18A has an ATP-insensitive actin-binding site.

Isogawa Y., Kon T., Inoue T., Ohkura R., Yamakawa H., Ohara O., Sutoh K.

Myosin XVIII is the recently identified 18th class of myosins, and its members are composed of a unique N-terminal domain, a motor domain with an unusual sequence around the ATPase site, one IQ motif, a segmented coiled-coil region for dimerization, and a C-terminal globular tail. To gain insight into the functions of this unique myosin, we characterized its human homologue, MYO18A, focusing on the functional roles of the characteristic N-terminal domain that contains a PDZ module known to mediate protein-protein interaction. GFP-tagged full-length and C-terminally truncated MYO18A molecules that were expressed in HeLa cells exhibited colocalization with actin filaments. Chemical cross-linking of these molecules showed that they form stable dimers as expected from their putative coiled-coil tails. Cosedimentation of the various types of truncated MYO18A constructs with actin filaments indicated the presence of an ATP-insensitive actin-binding site in the N-terminal domain. Further studies on truncated constructs of the N-terminal domain indicated that this actin-binding site is located outside the PDZ module, but within the middle region of this domain, which does not show any homology with the known actin-binding motifs. These results imply that this dimeric myosin might stably cross-link actin filaments by two ATP-insensitive actin-binding sites at the N-terminal domains for higher-order organization of the actin cytoskeleton.

Biochemistry 44:6190-6196(2005) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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