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Negative regulation of IL-17 production by OX40/OX40L interaction.

Li J., Li L., Shang X., Benson J., Merle Elloso M., Schantz A., Bracht M., Orlovsky Y., Sweet R.

The T-cell cytokine IL-17 is implicated in multiple inflammatory diseases through its induction of several pro-inflammatory cytokines and chemokines in a broad range of cell targets. Production of IL-17 defines the Th17 subset of helper T-cells associated with protection against microorganisms, a profile best characterized in the murine system. Multiple regulators of Th17 cell differentiation and IL-17 production are reported, but the impact of OX40L is not described. OX40 ligand (OX40L) is an early-stage activator of T-cells through its interaction with CD134 (OX40) that is up-regulated on antigen challenged T-cells. Here, we show that OX40L suppresses IL-17 production by PHA-stimulated human PBMC and purified CD4 and CD8 cells. In agreement with prior reports, OX40L signaling through CD134 increased IFNgamma and IL-4, both of which are reported to inhibit the production of IL-17. OX40L suppression of IL-17 was completely reversed by a neutralizing IFNgamma antibody while there was no effect with a neutralizing IL-4 antibody. Moreover, OX40L also suppressed IL-17 in the presence of IL-23, an established inducer of IL-17 and differentiation factor for Th17 cells. Presuming mediation by IFNgamma, we evaluated expression of this cytokine in the presence of OX40L and IL-23. Surprisingly, IL-23 also induced IFNgamma by PHA-stimulated T-cells and this effect was enhanced in the presence of OX40L. Addition of the IFNgamma antibody not only reversed the OX40L suppression of IL-17 in the presence of IL-23, it markedly enhanced the level of IL-17. These results further establish IFNgamma as a primary modulator of IL-17 production in the human cells, much as in the murine system.

Cell. Immunol. 253:31-37(2008) [PubMed] [Europe PMC]

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