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Xylose metabolism in the anaerobic fungus Piromyces sp. strain E2 follows the bacterial pathway.

Harhangi H.R., Akhmanova A.S., Emmens R., van der Drift C., de Laat W.T., van Dijken J.P., Jetten M.S., Pronk J.T., Op den Camp H.J.

Arch. Microbiol. 180:134-141(2003) · UniProtKB (2)

Vinculin associates with endothelial VE-cadherin junctions to control force-dependent remodeling.

Huveneers S., Oldenburg J., Spanjaard E., van der Krogt G., Grigoriev I., Akhmanova A., Rehmann H., de Rooij J.

J. Cell Biol. 196:641-652(2012) · Mapped (8)

Two types of polyadenated mRNAs are synthesized from Drosophila replication-dependent histone genes.

Akhmanova A., Miedema K., Kremer H., Hennig W.

Eur. J. Biochem. 244:294-300(1997) · Mapped (6)

Two populations of cytoplasmic dynein contribute to spindle positioning in C. elegans embryos.

Schmidt R., Fielmich L.E., Grigoriev I., Katrukha E.A., Akhmanova A., van den Heuvel S.

J. Cell Biol. 216:2777-2793(2017) · Mapped (3)

TRIM46 controls neuronal polarity and axon specification by driving the formation of parallel microtubule arrays.

van Beuningen S.F., Will L., Harterink M., Chazeau A., van Battum E.Y., Frias C.P., Franker M.A., Katrukha E.A., Stucchi R., Vocking K. et al.

Neuron 88:1208-1226(2015) · UniProtKB (2) · Mapped (81)

TRAK/Milton motor-adaptor proteins steer mitochondrial trafficking to axons and dendrites.

van Spronsen M., Mikhaylova M., Lipka J., Schlager M.A., van den Heuvel D.J., Kuijpers M., Wulf P.S., Keijzer N., Demmers J., Kapitein L.C. et al.

Neuron 77:485-502(2013) · Mapped (37)

The microtubule plus-end-tracking protein CLIP-170 associates with the spermatid manchette and is essential for spermatogenesis.

Akhmanova A., Mausset-Bonnefont A.L., van Cappellen W., Keijzer N., Hoogenraad C.C., Stepanova T., Drabek K., van der Wees J., Mommaas M., Onderwater J. et al.

Genes Dev. 19:2501-2515(2005) · Mapped (10)

The localization of histone H3.3 in germ line chromatin of Drosophila males as established with a histone H3.3-specific antiserum.

Akhmanova A., Miedema K., Wang Y., van Bruggen M., Berden J.H., Moudrianakis E.N., Hennig W.

Chromosoma 106:335-347(1997) · Mapped (7)

The intracellular redox protein MICAL-1 regulates the development of hippocampal mossy fibre connections.

Van Battum E.Y., Gunput R.A., Lemstra S., Groen E.J., Yu K.L., Adolfs Y., Zhou Y., Hoogenraad C.C., Yoshida Y., Schachner M. et al.

Nat. Commun. 5:4317-4317(2014) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (60)

The anaerobic chytridiomycete fungus Piromyces sp. E2 produces ethanol via pyruvate:formate lyase and an alcohol dehydrogenase E.

Boxma B., Voncken F., Jannink S., van Alen T., Akhmanova A., van Weelden S.W., van Hellemond J.J., Ricard G., Huynen M., Tielens A.G. et al.

Mol. Microbiol. 51:1389-1399(2004) · UniProtKB (1)

The ALS8 protein VAPB interacts with the ER-Golgi recycling protein YIF1A and regulates membrane delivery into dendrites.

Kuijpers M., Yu K.L., Teuling E., Akhmanova A., Jaarsma D., Hoogenraad C.C.

EMBO J. 32:2056-2072(2013) · Mapped (14)

Termination of Protofilament Elongation by Eribulin Induces Lattice Defects that Promote Microtubule Catastrophes.

Doodhi H., Prota A.E., Rodriguez-Garcia R., Xiao H., Custar D.W., Bargsten K., Katrukha E.A., Hilbert M., Hua S., Jiang K. et al.

Curr. Biol. 26:1713-1721(2016) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (3)

Targeted mutation of Cyln2 in the Williams syndrome critical region links CLIP-115 haploinsufficiency to neurodevelopmental abnormalities in mice.

Hoogenraad C.C., Koekkoek B., Akhmanova A., Krugers H., Dortland B., Miedema M., van Alphen A., Kistler W.M., Jaegle M., Koutsourakis M. et al.

Nat. Genet. 32:116-127(2002) · Mapped (2)

Talin-KANK1 interaction controls the recruitment of cortical microtubule stabilizing complexes to focal adhesions.

Bouchet B.P., Gough R.E., Ammon Y.C., van de Willige D., Post H., Jacquemet G., Altelaar A.M., Heck A.J., Goult B.T., Akhmanova A.

Elife 5:0-0(2016) · Mapped (11)

Structure-function relationship of CAP-Gly domains.

Weisbrich A., Honnappa S., Jaussi R., Okhrimenko O., Frey D., Jelesarov I., Akhmanova A., Steinmetz M.O.

Nat. Struct. Mol. Biol. 14:959-967(2007) · UniProtKB (2) · Mapped (15)

Structure and expression of histone H3.3 genes in Drosophila melanogaster and Drosophila hydei.

Akhmanova A.S., Bindels P.S.T., Xu J., Miedema K., Kremer H., Hennig W.

Genome 38:586-600(1995) · UniProtKB (4) · Mapped (1)

Structural basis of katanin p60:p80 complex formation.

Rezabkova L., Jiang K., Capitani G., Prota A.E., Akhmanova A., Steinmetz M.O., Kammerer R.A.

Sci Rep 7:14893-14893(2017) · Mapped (3)

Structural Basis of Formation of the Microtubule Minus-End-Regulating CAMSAP-Katanin Complex.

Jiang K., Faltova L., Hua S., Capitani G., Prota A.E., Landgraf C., Volkmer R., Kammerer R.A., Steinmetz M.O., Akhmanova A.

Structure 26:375-382.e4(2018) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (2)

STIM1 is a MT-plus-end-tracking protein involved in remodeling of the ER.

Grigoriev I., Gouveia S.M., van der Vaart B., Demmers J., Smyth J.T., Honnappa S., Splinter D., Steinmetz M.O., Putney J.W. Jr., Hoogenraad C.C. et al.

Curr. Biol. 18:177-182(2008) · Mapped (3)

SLAIN2 links microtubule plus end-tracking proteins and controls microtubule growth in interphase.

van der Vaart B., Manatschal C., Grigoriev I., Olieric V., Gouveia S.M., Bjelic S., Demmers J., Vorobjev I., Hoogenraad C.C., Steinmetz M.O. et al.

J. Cell Biol. 193:1083-1099(2011) · UniProtKB (13) · Mapped (7)

Short Linear Sequence Motif LxxPTPh Targets Diverse Proteins to Growing Microtubule Ends.

Kumar A., Manatschal C., Rai A., Grigoriev I., Degen M.S., Jaussi R., Kretzschmar I., Prota A.E., Volkmer R., Kammerer R.A. et al.

Structure 25:924-932.e4(2017) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (1)

SCARECROW-LIKE23 and SCARECROW jointly specify endodermal cell fate but distinctly control SHORT-ROOT movement.

Long Y., Goedhart J., Schneijderberg M., Terpstra I., Shimotohno A., Bouchet B.P., Akhmanova A., Gadella T.W. Jr., Heidstra R., Scheres B. et al.

Plant J. 84:773-784(2015) · Mapped (4)

Role of CLASP2 in microtubule stabilization and the regulation of persistent motility.

Drabek K., van Ham M., Stepanova T., Draegestein K., van Horssen R., Sayas C.L., Akhmanova A., Ten Hagen T., Smits R., Fodde R. et al.

Curr. Biol. 16:2259-2264(2006) · Mapped (34)

Ribosomal protein gene cluster of Halobacterium halobium: nucleotide sequence of the genes coding for S3 and L29 equivalent ribosomal proteins.

Spiridonova V.A., Akhmanova A.S., Kagramanova V.K., Koepke A.K.E., Mankin A.S.

Can. J. Microbiol. 35:153-159(1989) · UniProtKB (3)

Regulation of the expression of histone H3.3 by differential polyadenylation.

Feng R., Tang X., Becker A., Berger A., Ye J., Akhmanova A., Hennig W.

Genome 48:503-510(2005) · Mapped (4)

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