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ZNF366 is an estrogen receptor corepressor that acts through CtBP and histone deacetylases.

Lopez-Garcia J., Periyasamy M., Thomas R.S., Christian M., Leao M., Jat P., Kindle K.B., Heery D.M., Parker M.G., Buluwela L. et al.

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Zn-bis-glutathionate is the best co-substrate of the monomeric phytochelatin synthase from the photosynthetic heavy metal-hyperaccumulator Euglena gracilis.

Garcia-Garcia J.D., Girard L., Hernandez G., Saavedra E., Pardo J.P., Rodriguez-Zavala J.S., Encalada R., Reyes-Prieto A., Mendoza-Cozatl D.G., Moreno-Sanchez R.

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XRCC4 c.1394G>T Single Nucleotide Polymorphisms and Breast Cancer Risk among Filipinos.

Garcia J.A., Kalacas N.A., Sy Ortin T., Ramos M.C., Albano P.M.

Asian Pac. J. Cancer Prev. 20:1097-1101(2019) · Mapped (5)

Whole-exome sequencing in splenic marginal zone lymphoma reveals mutations in genes involved in marginal zone differentiation.

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Whole-exome sequencing identifies MDH2 as a new familial paraganglioma gene.

Cascon A., Comino-Mendez I., Curras-Freixes M., de Cubas A.A., Contreras L., Richter S., Peitzsch M., Mancikova V., Inglada-Perez L., Perez-Barrios A. et al.

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Where polarity meets fusion: role of Par6 in trophoblast differentiation during placental development and preeclampsia.

Sivasubramaniyam T., Garcia J., Tagliaferro A., Melland-Smith M., Chauvin S., Post M., Todros T., Caniggia I.

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West Nile virus isolation from equines in Argentina, 2006.

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VO1, a temperate bacteriophage of the type 19A multiresistant epidemic 8249 strain of Streptococcus pneumoniae: analysis of variability of lytic and putative C5 methyltransferase genes.

Obregon V., Garcia P., Lopez R., Garcia J.L.

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VEGF, VEGFR3, and PDGFRB protein expression is influenced by RAS mutations in medullary thyroid carcinoma.

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VEGF modulates erythropoiesis through regulation of adult hepatic erythropoietin synthesis.

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Vascular endothelial growth factor A (VEGFA) gene polymorphisms have an impact on survival in a subgroup of indolent patients with chronic lymphocytic leukemia.

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Variation in the myosin light chain kinase gene is associated with development of acute lung injury after major trauma.

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Variants of CEP68 gene are associated with acute urticaria/angioedema induced by multiple non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

Cornejo-Garcia J.A., Flores C., Plaza-Seron M.C., Acosta-Herrera M., Blanca-Lopez N., Dona I., Torres M.J., Mayorga C., Gueant-Rodriguez R.M., Ayuso P. et al.

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Variants in the gene encoding C3 are associated with asthma and related phenotypes among African Caribbean families.

Barnes K.C., Grant A.V., Baltadzhieva D., Zhang S., Berg T., Shao L., Zambelli-Weiner A., Anderson W., Nelsen A., Pillai S. et al.

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Variable region 4 of SIV envelope correlates with rapid disease progression in morphine-exposed macaques infected with SIV/SHIV.

Rivera-Amill V., Noel R.J. Jr., Orsini S., Tirado G., Garcia J.M., Buch S., Kumar A.

Virology 358:373-383(2007) · UniProtKB (203)

Variability in histamine receptor genes HRH1, HRH2 and HRH4 in patients with hypersensitivity to NSAIDs.

Ayuso P., Blanca M., Cornejo-Garcia J.A., Torres M.J., Dona I., Salas M., Blanca-Lopez N., Canto G., Rondon C., Campo P. et al.

Pharmacogenomics 14:1871-1878(2013) · Mapped (6)

Uterine tumors resembling ovarian sex cord tumors (UTROSCT) lack the JAZF1-JJAZ1 translocation frequently seen in endometrial stromal tumors.

Staats P.N., Garcia J.J., Dias-Santagata D.C., Kuhlmann G., Stubbs H., McCluggage W.G., De Nictolis M., Kommoss F., Soslow R.A., Iafrate A.J. et al.

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Unravelling the structure of the pneumococcal autolytic lysozyme.

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Unravelling the pleiotropic role of the MceG ATPase in Mycobacterium smegmatis.

Garcia-Fernandez J., Papavinasasundaram K., Galan B., Sassetti C.M., Garcia J.L.

Environ. Microbiol. 19:2564-2576(2017) · Mapped (2)

Unravelling the gallic acid degradation pathway in bacteria: the gal cluster from Pseudomonas putida.

Nogales J., Canales A., Jimenez-Barbero J., Serra B., Pingarron J.M., Garcia J.L., Diaz E.

Mol. Microbiol. 79:359-374(2011) · UniProtKB (7)

Unique Toll-Like Receptor 4 Activation by NAMPT/PBEF Induces NFkappaB Signaling and Inflammatory Lung Injury.

Camp S.M., Ceco E., Evenoski C.L., Danilov S.M., Zhou T., Chiang E.T., Moreno-Vinasco L., Mapes B., Zhao J., Gursoy G. et al.

Sci Rep 5:13135-13135(2015) · Mapped (52)

Type VII collagen is required for Ras-driven human epidermal tumorigenesis.

Ortiz-Urda S., Garcia J., Green C.L., Chen L., Lin Q., Veitch D.P., Sakai L.Y., Lee H., Marinkovich M.P., Khavari P.A.

Science 307:1773-1776(2005) · Mapped (4)

Two P2X1 receptor transcripts able to form functional channels are present in most human monocytes.

Lopez-Lopez C., Jaramillo-Polanco J., Portales-Perez D.P., Gomez-Coronado K.S., Rodriguez-Melendez J.G., Cortes-Garcia J.D., Espinosa-Luna R., Montano L.M., Barajas-Lopez C.

Eur. J. Pharmacol. 793:82-88(2016) · Mapped (6)

Two novel mutations in the ABCG5 gene, c.144 -1G>A and c.1523 delC, in a Mexican family with sitosterolemia.

Colima Fausto A.G., Gonzalez Garcia J.R., Wong Ley Madero L.E., Magana Torres M.T.

J Clin Lipidol 10:204-208(2016) · Mapped (3)

Two bZIP proteins from Antirrhinum flowers preferentially bind a hybrid C-box/G-box motif and help to define a new sub-family of bZIP transcription factors.

Martinez-Garcia J.F., Moyano E., Alcocer M.J., Martin C.

Plant J. 13:489-505(1998) · UniProtKB (2)

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