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Three distinct peptides from the N domain of translation termination factor eRF1 surround stop codon in the ribosome.

Bulygin K.N., Khairulina Y.S., Kolosov P.M., Ven'yaminova A.G., Graifer D.M., Vorobjev Y.N., Frolova L.Y., Kisselev L.L., Karpova G.G.

RNA 16:1902-1914(2010) · Mapped (2)

The human ribosome can interact with the abasic site in mRNA via a specific peptide of the uS3 protein located near the mRNA entry channel.

Ochkasova A.S., Meschaninova M.I., Venyaminova A.G., Ivanov A.V., Graifer D.M., Karpova G.G.

Biochimie 158:117-125(2019) · Mapped (4)

The eS26 protein is involved in the formation of a nucleophosmin binding site on the human 40S ribosomal subunit.

Ivanov A.V., Gopanenko A.V., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

Biochim Biophys Acta Proteins Proteom 1866:642-650(2018) · Mapped (4)

The 5'-region of mink ribosomal protein S26 cDNA: sequencing and comparative analysis.

Suturina I.U.A., Filipenko M.L., Muravlev A.I., Karpova G.G., Mertvetsov N.P.

Bioorg. Khim. 21:855-857(1995) · UniProtKB (1)

Structural features of the interaction of the 3'-untranslated region of mRNA containing exosomal RNA-specific motifs with YB-1, a potential mediator of mRNA sorting.

Yanshina D.D., Kossinova O.A., Gopanenko A.V., Krasheninina O.A., Malygin A.A., Venyaminova A.G., Karpova G.G.

Biochimie 144:134-143(2018) · Mapped (5)

Site-specific cleavage of the 40S ribosomal subunit reveals eukaryote-specific ribosomal protein S28 in the subunit head.

Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

FEBS Lett. 584:4396-4400(2010) · Mapped (14)

Ribosomal protein S18e as a putative molecular staple for the 18S rRNA 3'-major domain core.

Ilin A.A., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1814:505-512(2011) · Mapped (3)

Ribosomal protein binding with the first intron of the human ribosomal protein S26 pre-mRNA stimulates its interaction with proteins extracted from Hela cells.

Ivanov A.V., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

Mol. Biol. (Mosk.) 36:503-510(2002) · Mapped (4)

Recognition but no repair of abasic site in single-stranded DNA by human ribosomal uS3 protein residing within intact 40S subunit.

Grosheva A.S., Zharkov D.O., Stahl J., Gopanenko A.V., Tupikin A.E., Kabilov M.R., Graifer D.M., Karpova G.G.

Nucleic Acids Res. 45:3833-3843(2017) · Mapped (4)

[Protein S3 fragments neighboring mRNA during elongation and translation termination on the human ribosome].

Khairulina I.u.S., Molotkov M.V., Bulygin K.N., Graifer D.M., Ven'yaminova A.G., Frolova L.I.u., Stahl J., Karpova G.G.

Bioorg. Khim. 34:773-780(2008) · Mapped (4)

Mutual effect of human ribosomal proteins S5 and S16 on their binding with 18S rRNA fragment 1203-1236/1521-1698.

Ian'shina D.D., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

Mol. Biol. (Mosk.) 43:700-708(2009) · Mapped (5)

mRNA 3' of the A site bound codon is located close to protein S3 on the human 80S ribosome.

Molotkov M.V., Graifer D.M., Popugaeva E.A., Bulygin K.N., Meschaninova M.I., Ven'yaminova A.G., Karpova G.G.

RNA Biol 3:122-129(2006) · Mapped (4)

Isolation, structural analysis and mapping of the functional gene of human ribosomal protein S26.

Filipenko M.L., Vinichenko N.A., Karpova G.G., Mertvetsov N.P., Amaldi F.

Gene 211:287-292(1998) · UniProtKB (1)

Interactions of human ribosomal proteins S16 and S5 with an 18S rRNA fragment containing their binding sites.

Malygin A.A., Yanshina D.D., Karpova G.G.

Biochimie 91:1180-1186(2009) · Mapped (5)

Interactions of human ribosomal protein S3 with undamaged and damaged DNA.

Balyeva K.E., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G., Nevinskii G.A., Zharkov D.O.

Mol. Biol. (Mosk.) 42:314-322(2008) · UniProtKB (1)

Human ribosomal protein S26 suppresses the splicing of its pre-mRNA.

Ivanov A.V., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1727:134-140(2005) · Mapped (4)

Human ribosomal protein S16 inhibites excision of the first intron from its own.

Ivanov A.V., Parakhnevich N.M., Malygin A.A., Karpova G.G.

Mol. Biol. (Mosk.) 44:90-97(2010) · Mapped (3)

Human ribosomal protein S13 regulates expression of its own gene at the splicing step by a feedback mechanism.

Malygin A.A., Parakhnevitch N.M., Ivanov A.V., Eperon I.C., Karpova G.G.

Nucleic Acids Res. 35:6414-6423(2007) · Mapped (1)

Human ribosomal protein eS1 is engaged in cellular events related to processing and functioning of U11 snRNA.

Gopanenko A.V., Malygin A.A., Tupikin A.E., Laktionov P.P., Kabilov M.R., Karpova G.G.

Nucleic Acids Res. 45:9121-9137(2017) · Mapped (5)

Cytosolic YB-1 and NSUN2 are the only proteins recognizing specific motifs present in mRNAs enriched in exosomes.

Kossinova O.A., Gopanenko A.V., Tamkovich S.N., Krasheninina O.A., Tupikin A.E., Kiseleva E., Yanshina D.D., Malygin A.A., Ven'yaminova A.G., Kabilov M.R. et al.

Biochim. Biophys. Acta 1865:664-673(2017) · UniProtKB (2) · Mapped (4)

Cloning cDNA of human S26 ribosomal protein and determination of its primary structure.

Filipenko M.L., Vladimirov S.N., Muravlev A.I., Karpova G.G., Mertvetsov N.P.

Bioorg. Khim. 20:644-649(1994) · UniProtKB (1)

Cloning and determination of the primary structure of DNA complementary to the mRNA of human ribosomal protein L11.

Mishin V.P., Filipenko M.L., Muravlev A.I., Karpova G.G., Mertvetsov N.P.

Bioorg. Khim. 21:158-160(1995) · UniProtKB (1)

Chemical footprinting reveals conformational changes of 18S and 28S rRNAs at different steps of translation termination on the human ribosome.

Bulygin K.N., Bartuli Y.S., Malygin A.A., Graifer D.M., Frolova L.Y., Karpova G.G.

RNA 22:278-289(2016) · Mapped (10)

Characterization of the human small-ribosomal-subunit proteins by N-terminal and internal sequencing, and mass spectrometry.

Vladimirov S.N., Ivanov A.V., Karpova G.G., Musolyamov A.K., Egorov T.A., Thiede B., Wittmann-Liebold B., Otto A.

Eur. J. Biochem. 239:144-149(1996) · UniProtKB (33)

Characterization and analysis of posttranslational modifications of the human large cytoplasmic ribosomal subunit proteins by mass spectrometry and Edman sequencing.

Odintsova T.I., Muller E.C., Ivanov A.V., Egorov T.A., Bienert R., Vladimirov S.N., Kostka S., Otto A., Wittmann-Liebold B., Karpova G.G.

J. Protein Chem. 22:249-258(2003) · UniProtKB (19)

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