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X chromosome reactivation and regulation in cloned embryos.

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Wolframin gene H611R polymorphism: no direct association with suicidal behavior but possible link to mood disorders.

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Widespread Proteome Remodeling and Aggregation in Aging C. elegans.

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Using targeted transgenic reporter mice to study promoter-specific p53 transcriptional activity.

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UPR-induced resistance to etoposide is downstream of PERK and independent of changes in topoisomerase IIalpha levels.

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Unique glycosylation of three keratan sulfate proteoglycan isoforms.

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Uncovering global SUMOylation signaling networks in a site-specific manner.

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UBL3 modification influences protein sorting to small extracellular vesicles.

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Ubc9 sumoylation regulates SUMO target discrimination.

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Two functionally distinct domains generated by in vivo cleavage of Nup145p: a novel biogenesis pathway for nucleoporins.

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Transposon mutagenesis identifies genetic drivers of Braf(V600E) melanoma.

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Transposon mutagenesis identifies genes that cooperate with mutant Pten in breast cancer progression.

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Transposon mutagenesis identifies genes and evolutionary forces driving gastrointestinal tract tumor progression.

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Trans-complex formation by proteolipid channels in the terminal phase of membrane fusion.

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TRAIP is a PCNA-binding ubiquitin ligase that protects genome stability after replication stress.

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TNF receptor 1 genetic risk mirrors outcome of anti-TNF therapy in multiple sclerosis.

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TLR3-Mediated CD8+ Dendritic Cell Activation Is Coupled with Establishment of a Cell-Intrinsic Antiviral State.

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Tissue Stiffness and Hypoxia Modulate the Integrin-Linked Kinase ILK to Control Breast Cancer Stem-like Cells.

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Time-resolved dissection of early phosphoproteome and ensuing proteome changes in response to TGF-beta.

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Thrombomucin, a novel cell surface protein that defines thrombocytes and multipotent hematopoietic progenitors.

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The yeast protein Arc1p binds to tRNA and functions as a cofactor for the methionyl- and glutamyl-tRNA synthetases.

Simos G., Segref A., Fasiolo F., Hellmuth K., Shevshenko A., Mann M., Hurt E.C.

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The yeast exosome and human PM-Scl are related complexes of 3'-->5' exonucleases.

Allmang C., Petfalski E., Podtelejnikov A., Mann M., Tollervey D., Mitchell P.

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The Vtc proteins in vacuole fusion: coupling NSF activity to V(0) trans-complex formation.

Mueller O., Bayer M.J., Peters C., Andersen J.S., Mann M., Mayer A.

EMBO J. 21:259-269(2002) · UniProtKB (5) · Mapped (5)

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