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The heterozygous disproportionate micromelia (dmm) mouse: morphological changes in fetal cartilage precede postnatal dwarfism and compared with lethal homozygotes can explain the mild phenotype.

Seegmiller R.E., Bomsta B.D., Bridgewater L.C., Niederhauser C.M., Montano C., Sudweeks S., Eyre D.R., Fernandes R.J.

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Regulation of collagen fibril nucleation and initial fibril assembly involves coordinate interactions with collagens V and XI in developing tendon.

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Pulmonary hypoplasia in mice homozygous for the cartilage matrix deficiency (cmd) gene: a model for human congenital disorder.

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Pulmonary hypoplasia associated with reduced thoracic space in mice with disproportionate micromelia (DMM).

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Protein consequences of the Col2a1 C-propeptide mutation in the chondrodysplastic Dmm mouse.

Fernandes R.J., Seegmiller R.E., Nelson W.R., Eyre D.R.

Matrix Biol. 22:449-453(2003) · Mapped (1)

Mandibular growth retardation as a cause of cleft palate in mice homozygous for the chondrodysplasia gene.

Seegmiller R.E., Fraser F.C.

J Embryol Exp Morphol 38:227-238(1977) · Mapped (10)

Histochemical, immunofluorescence, and ultrastructural differences in fetal cartilage among three genetically distinct chondrodystrophic mice.

Seegmiller R.E., Brown K., Chandrasekhar S.

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Disproportionate micromelia (Dmm) in mice caused by a mutation in the C-propeptide coding region of Col2a1.

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Collagen XI chain misassembly in cartilage of the chondrodysplasia (cho) mouse.

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Altered mandibular development precedes the time of palate closure in mice homozygous for disproportionate micromelia: an oral clefting model supporting the Pierre-Robin sequence.

Ricks J.E., Ryder V.M., Bridgewater L.C., Schaalje B., Seegmiller R.E.

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A fibrillar collagen gene, Col11a1, is essential for skeletal morphogenesis.

Li Y., Lacerda D.A., Warman M.L., Beier D.R., Yoshioka H., Ninomiya Y., Oxford J.T., Morris N.P., Andrikopoulos K., Ramirez F. et al.

Cell 80:423-430(1995) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (16)

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