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Vascular endothelial growth factor C is required for sprouting of the first lymphatic vessels from embryonic veins.

Karkkainen M.J., Haiko P., Sainio K., Partanen J., Taipale J., Petrova T.V., Jeltsch M., Jackson D.G., Talikka M., Rauvala H. et al.

Nat. Immunol. 5:74-80(2004) · Mapped (9)

Variation at 2q35 (PNKD and TMBIM1) influences colorectal cancer risk and identifies a pleiotropic effect with inflammatory bowel disease.

Orlando G., Law P.J., Palin K., Tuupanen S., Gylfe A., Hanninen U.A., Cajuso T., Tanskanen T., Kondelin J., Kaasinen E. et al.

Hum. Mol. Genet. 25:2349-2359(2016) · Mapped (12)

Uterine leiomyoma-linked MED12 mutations disrupt mediator-associated CDK activity.

Turunen M., Spaeth J.M., Keskitalo S., Park M.J., Kivioja T., Clark A.D., Makinen N., Gao F., Palin K., Nurkkala H. et al.

Cell Rep 7:654-660(2014) · Mapped (9)

Two distinct DNA sequences recognized by transcription factors represent enthalpy and entropy optima.

Morgunova E., Yin Y., Das P.K., Jolma A., Zhu F., Popov A., Xu Y., Nilsson L., Taipale J.

Elife 7:0-0(2018) · Mapped (2)

Transcriptional networks controlling the cell cycle.

Bonke M., Turunen M., Sokolova M., Vaharautio A., Kivioja T., Taipale M., Bjorklund M., Taipale J.

G3 (Bethesda) 3:75-90(2013) · Mapped (284)

Transcription factor PROX1 induces colon cancer progression by promoting the transition from benign to highly dysplastic phenotype.

Petrova T.V., Nykanen A., Norrmen C., Ivanov K.I., Andersson L.C., Haglund C., Puolakkainen P., Wempe F., von Melchner H., Gradwohl G. et al.

Cancer Cell 13:407-419(2008) · Mapped (27)

The Hedgehog and Wnt signalling pathways in cancer.

Taipale J., Beachy P.A.

Nature 411:349-354(2001) · Mapped (25)

Systematic screening of a Drosophila ORF library in vivo uncovers Wnt/Wg pathway components.

Schertel C., Huang D., Bjorklund M., Bischof J., Yin D., Li R., Wu Y., Zeng R., Wu J., Taipale J. et al.

Dev. Cell 25:207-219(2013) · Mapped (1,538)

Structural insights into the DNA-binding specificity of E2F family transcription factors.

Morgunova E., Yin Y., Jolma A., Dave K., Schmierer B., Popov A., Eremina N., Nilsson L., Taipale J.

Nat Commun 6:10050-10050(2015) · Mapped (1)

Somatic MED12 Nonsense Mutation Escapes mRNA Decay and Reveals a Motif Required for Nuclear Entry.

Heikkinen T., Kampjarvi K., Keskitalo S., von Nandelstadh P., Liu X., Rantanen V., Pitkanen E., Kinnunen M., Kuusanmaki H., Kontro M. et al.

Hum. Mutat. 38:269-274(2017) · Mapped (9)

Somatic MED12 mutations in prostate cancer and uterine leiomyomas promote tumorigenesis through distinct mechanisms.

Kampjarvi K., Kim N.H., Keskitalo S., Clark A.D., von Nandelstadh P., Turunen M., Heikkinen T., Park M.J., Makinen N., Kivinummi K. et al.

Prostate 76:22-31(2016) · Mapped (9)

Patched acts catalytically to suppress the activity of Smoothened.

Taipale J., Cooper M.K., Maiti T., Beachy P.A.

Nature 418:892-897(2002) · Mapped (16)

Myt1l safeguards neuronal identity by actively repressing many non-neuronal fates.

Mall M., Kareta M.S., Chanda S., Ahlenius H., Perotti N., Zhou B., Grieder S.D., Ge X., Drake S., Euong Ang C. et al.

Nature 544:245-249(2017) · UniProtKB (2) · Mapped (18)

Mutations in the circadian gene CLOCK in colorectal cancer.

Alhopuro P., Bjorklund M., Sammalkorpi H., Turunen M., Tuupanen S., Bistrom M., Niittymaki I., Lehtonen H.J., Kivioja T., Launonen V. et al.

Mol. Cancer Res. 8:952-960(2010) · Mapped (6)

Missing-in-metastasis MIM/MTSS1 promotes actin assembly at intercellular junctions and is required for integrity of kidney epithelia.

Saarikangas J., Mattila P.K., Varjosalo M., Bovellan M., Hakanen J., Calzada-Wack J., Tost M., Jennen L., Rathkolb B., Hans W. et al.

J. Cell. Sci. 124:1245-1255(2011) · Mapped (75)

Mice lacking a Myc enhancer that includes human SNP rs6983267 are resistant to intestinal tumors.

Sur I.K., Hallikas O., Vaharautio A., Yan J., Turunen M., Enge M., Taipale M., Karhu A., Aaltonen L.A., Taipale J.

Science 338:1360-1363(2012) · Mapped (22)

Medulloblastoma growth inhibition by hedgehog pathway blockade.

Berman D.M., Karhadkar S.S., Hallahan A.R., Pritchard J.I., Eberhart C.G., Watkins D.N., Chen J.K., Cooper M.K., Taipale J., Olson J.M. et al.

Science 297:1559-1561(2002) · Mapped (26)

MED12, the mediator complex subunit 12 gene, is mutated at high frequency in uterine leiomyomas.

Makinen N., Mehine M., Tolvanen J., Kaasinen E., Li Y., Lehtonen H.J., Gentile M., Yan J., Enge M., Taipale M. et al.

Science 334:252-255(2011) · Mapped (9)

Loss of SUFU function in familial multiple meningioma.

Aavikko M., Li S.P., Saarinen S., Alhopuro P., Kaasinen E., Morgunova E., Li Y., Vesanen K., Smith M.J., Evans D.G. et al.

Am. J. Hum. Genet. 91:520-526(2012) · Mapped (7)

Latent transforming growth factor-beta binding proteins (LTBPs) -- structural extracellular matrix proteins for targeting TGF-beta action.

Saharinen J., Hyytiainen M., Taipale J., Keski-Oja J.

Cytokine Growth Factor Rev. 10:99-117(1999) · UniProtKB (9)

KSHV reactivation from latency requires Pim-1 and Pim-3 kinases to inactivate the latency-associated nuclear antigen LANA.

Cheng F., Weidner-Glunde M., Varjosalo M., Rainio E.M., Lehtonen A., Schulz T.F., Koskinen P.J., Taipale J., Ojala P.M.

PLoS Pathog. 5:e1000324-e1000324(2009) · Mapped (7)

Inhibition of Hedgehog signaling by direct binding of cyclopamine to Smoothened.

Chen J.K., Taipale J., Cooper M.K., Beachy P.A.

Genes Dev. 16:2743-2748(2002) · Mapped (2)

Impact of cytosine methylation on DNA binding specificities of human transcription factors.

Yin Y., Morgunova E., Jolma A., Kaasinen E., Sahu B., Khund-Sayeed S., Das P.K., Kivioja T., Dave K., Zhong F. et al.

Science 356:0-0(2017) · UniProtKB (5)

Impact of constitutional TET2 haploinsufficiency on molecular and clinical phenotype in humans.

Kaasinen E., Kuismin O., Rajamaki K., Ristolainen H., Aavikko M., Kondelin J., Saarinen S., Berta D.G., Katainen R., Hirvonen E.A.M. et al.

Nat Commun 10:1252-1252(2019) · Mapped (4)

Identification of pathways regulating cell size and cell-cycle progression by RNAi.

Bjorklund M., Taipale M., Varjosalo M., Saharinen J., Lahdenpera J., Taipale J.

Nature 439:1009-1013(2006) · Mapped (698)

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