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Thiol peroxidases ameliorate LRRK2 mutant-induced mitochondrial and dopaminergic neuronal degeneration in Drosophila.

Angeles D.C., Ho P., Chua L.L., Wang C., Yap Y.W., Ng C., Zhou Z.d., Lim K.L., Wszolek Z.K., Wang H.Y. et al.

Hum. Mol. Genet. 23:3157-3165(2014) · Mapped (8)

The SMAD2/3 corepressor SNON maintains pluripotency through selective repression of mesendodermal genes in human ES cells.

Tsuneyoshi N., Tan E.K., Sadasivam A., Poobalan Y., Sumi T., Nakatsuji N., Suemori H., Dunn N.R.

Genes Dev. 26:2471-2476(2012) · Mapped (2)

The role of common genetic risk variants in Parkinson disease.

Tan E.K.

Clin. Genet. 72:387-393(2007) · Mapped (5)

The PDZ domain protein Mcc is a novel effector of non-canonical Wnt signaling during convergence and extension in zebrafish.

Young T., Poobalan Y., Tan E.K., Tao S., Ong S., Wehner P., Schwenty-Lara J., Lim C.Y., Sadasivam A., Lovatt M. et al.

Development 141:3505-3516(2014) · Mapped (11)

The LRRK2 Gly2385Arg variant is associated with Parkinson's disease: genetic and functional evidence.

Tan E.K., Zhao Y., Skipper L., Tan M.G., Di Fonzo A., Sun L., Fook-Chong S., Tang S., Chua E., Yuen Y. et al.

Hum. Genet. 120:857-863(2007) · UniProtKB (1) · Mapped (4)

The G2019S LRRK2 mutation is uncommon in an Asian cohort of Parkinson's disease patients.

Tan E.K., Shen H., Tan L.C., Farrer M., Yew K., Chua E., Jamora R.D., Puvan K., Puong K.Y., Zhao Y. et al.

Neurosci. Lett. 384:327-329(2005) · Mapped (5)

The association of functional catechol-O-methyltransferase haplotypes with risk of Parkinson's disease, levodopa treatment response, and complications.

Bialecka M., Kurzawski M., Klodowska-Duda G., Opala G., Tan E.K., Drozdzik M.

Pharmacogenet. Genomics 18:815-821(2008) · Mapped (12)

Targeted exome sequencing reveals homozygous TREM2 R47C mutation presenting with behavioral variant frontotemporal dementia without bone involvement.

Ng A.S.L., Tan Y.J., Yi Z., Tandiono M., Chew E., Dominguez J., Macas M., Ng E., Hameed S., Ting S. et al.

Neurobiol. Aging 68:160.e15-160.e19(2018) · Mapped (3)

SORL1 haplotypes modulate risk of Alzheimer's disease in Chinese.

Tan E.K., Lee J., Chen C.P., Teo Y.Y., Zhao Y., Lee W.L.

Neurobiol. Aging 30:1048-1051(2009) · Mapped (8)

SNCA rs356219 variant increases risk of sporadic Parkinson's disease in ethnic Chinese.

Li N.N., Mao X.Y., Chang X.L., Zhao D.M., Zhang J.H., Liao Q., Yu W.J., Tan E.K., Peng R.

Am. J. Med. Genet. B Neuropsychiatr. Genet. 162B:452-456(2013) · Mapped (8)

SLC1A2 variant associated with essential tremor but not Parkinson disease in Chinese subjects.

Tan E.K., Foo J.N., Tan L., Au W.L., Prakash K.M., Ng E., Ikram M.K., Wong T.Y., Liu J.J., Zhao Y.

Neurology 80:1618-1619(2013) · Mapped (8)

Screening for TMEM230 mutations in young-onset Parkinson's disease.

Ma D., Foo J.N., Yulin Ng E., Zhao Y., Liu J.J., Tan E.K.

Neurobiol. Aging 58:239.e9-239.e10(2017) · Mapped (2)

Ring finger protein 146/Iduna is a poly(ADP-ribose) polymer binding and PARsylation dependent E3 ubiquitin ligase.

Zhou Z.D., Chan C.H., Xiao Z.C., Tan E.K.

Cell Adh Migr 5:463-471(2011) · Mapped (1)

Ribosomal S6 Kinase 2 (RSK2) maintains genomic stability by activating the Atm/p53-dependent DNA damage pathway.

Lim H.C., Xie L., Zhang W., Li R., Chen Z.C., Wu G.Z., Cui S.S., Tan E.K., Zeng L.

PLoS ONE 8:e74334-e74334(2013) · Mapped (20)

Renin-angiotensin system gene polymorphisms: its impact on IgAN and its progression to end-stage renal failure among Chinese in Singapore.

Lau Y.K., Woo K.T., Choong H.L., Zhao Y., Tan H.B., Chong S.M., Tan E.K., Yap H.K., Wong K.S.

Nephron Physiol 97:p1-8(2004) · Mapped (20)

Rare lysosomal enzyme gene SMPD1 variant (p.R591C) associates with Parkinson's disease.

Foo J.N., Liany H., Bei J.X., Yu X.Q., Liu J., Au W.L., Prakash K.M., Tan L.C., Tan E.K.

Neurobiol. Aging 34:2890.e13-5(2013) · Mapped (11)

Polymorphism of renin-angiotensin system genes in IgA nephropathy.

Woo K.T., Lau Y.K., Choong L.H., Zhao Y., Tan H.B., Fook-Chong S., Tan E.K., Yap H.K., Wong K.S.

Nephrology (Carlton) 9:304-309(2004) · Mapped (20)

Polymorphism in semaphorin 5A (Sema5A) gene is not a marker of Parkinson's disease risk.

Bialecka M., Kurzawski M., Klodowska-Duda G., Opala G., Tan E.K., Drozdzik M.

Neurosci. Lett. 399:121-123(2006) · Mapped (4)

PLA2G6 mutations and Parkinson's disease.

Tan E.K., Ho P., Tan L., Prakash K.M., Zhao Y.

Ann. Neurol. 67:148-148(2010) · Mapped (4)

PINK1 mutations in sporadic early-onset Parkinson's disease.

Tan E.-K., Yew K., Chua E., Puvan K., Shen H., Lee E., Puong K.-Y., Zhao Y., Pavanni R., Wong M.-C. et al.

Mov. Disord. 21:789-793(2006) · UniProtKB (1)

Phosphorylation of amyloid precursor protein by mutant LRRK2 promotes AICD activity and neurotoxicity in Parkinson's disease.

Chen Z.C., Zhang W., Chua L.L., Chai C., Li R., Lin L., Cao Z., Angeles D.C., Stanton L.W., Peng J.H. et al.

Sci. Signal. 10:0-0(2017) · UniProtKB (2) · Mapped (17)

PDX1 binds and represses hepatic genes to ensure robust pancreatic commitment in differentiating human embryonic stem cells.

Teo A.K., Tsuneyoshi N., Hoon S., Tan E.K., Stanton L.W., Wright C.V., Dunn N.R.

Stem Cell Reports 4:578-590(2015) · Mapped (1)

PD-linked CHCHD2 mutations impair CHCHD10 and MICOS complex leading to mitochondria dysfunction.

Zhou W., Ma D., Sun A.X., Tran H.D., Ma D.L., Singh B.K., Zhou J., Zhang J., Wang D., Zhao Y. et al.

Hum. Mol. Genet. 28:1100-1116(2019) · Mapped (2)

Patterns of linkage disequilibrium of LRRK2 across different races: implications for genetic association studies.

Li H., Teo Y.Y., Tan E.K.

PLoS ONE 8:e75041-e75041(2013) · Mapped (5)

Pathophysiological mechanisms linking F-box only protein 7 (FBXO7) and Parkinson's disease (PD).

Zhou Z.D., Lee J.C.T., Tan E.K.

Mutat. Res. 778:72-78(2018) · Mapped (3)

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